"It was a privilege to have a private meeting with Bill Gates," said Peter. "It is a privilege that is afforded to few people and resulted in forty five minutes of undivided attention from the Founder of Microsoft and one of the greatest philanthropists that the world has ever seen."

The meeting took place at a secret location in London and followed soon after a visit by Peter to the headquarters of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle. The Foundation has received in recent years over $30 billion in personal donations from the Gates family, and has many active programmes aimed at saving lives and improving healthcare in developing countries.

One such programme concerns immunisation. With the medical refrigerators that use technology from Peter's Sure Chill company playing a part in keeping vaccines in tip top condition; even in areas with erratic power supplies.

"I felt that we had a similar approach to many things," said Peter, "though the impact that I am able to make pales into insignificance alongside the largesse of probably the world's wealthiest man. It's a day I will never forget."