An award from the Trust enabled Erin Gilliland to take part in a World Challenge expedition to Tanzania.


Seventeen-year old Erin spent four weeks in Tanzania meeting the challenges set by the World Challenge organization and working on a project in an orphanage within a local village.


As part of the challenge, Erin climbed Mount Kilimanjaro which she described as being one of the hardest things she had ever done, both mentally and physically. As a member of a small team, she spent four days climbing through the foothills to reach a hut for a short rest before climbing through the night to reach the summit just before dawn. Three members of the team failed to make the summit because of altitude sickness. Erin described standing on the summit as "the proudest moment of my life."


Erin later travelled seven hours by bus on bush tracks to Lushoto, a remote mountain town, where she worked with the local people. She renovated four classrooms and taught English to both children and adults. Erin described working with the local community and interacting with the children as "a truly eye-opening experience. Lots of the children were orphaned due to AIDS and there were many disabled children who had been abandoned. I understood for the first time how hard life can be in Africa and how lucky we are in Wales."